Working With Development Staff

Fundraising is about relationships. About creating them, building them, and sustaining them. It’s about meeting people and sharing your enthusiasm for your organization’s work and seeing if your enthusiasm ignites them. It either will or it won’t. You won’t know until you ask.

But what if you’ve never asked? Or you’ve asked but… it hasn’t gone so well. You are not alone.

Every day, we help ED’s and Board Leaders develop or fine tune their fundraising programs and skills. Here are some of the situations we’ve helped with in the past.

When an ED or Board Leader…

  • has very little fundraising experience
  • has a board that does not see the value in fundraising
  • knows she needs to start a major donor program
  • needs to start an online fundraising program — and doesn’t know where to begin
  • needs to know how to utilize a database to find prospects
  • needs coaching on how to make an ask
  • does not know what to look for in a Director of Development, or how to hire a good one
  • does not know how to start or manage a board Development Committee
  • needs to take advantage of a very timely opportunity

How Can We Help You?

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Maybe You Don’t Need That Much Help?

Alternatively, some issues can be resolved in a very focused hour or so. Sometimes a leader just needs a sounding board. Or a kick in the pants. For these kinds of issues,  Joan offers individual online 50-minute coaching sessions which you can book here:

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Or Maybe You Just Need Some Free Advice?

There’s a ton of valuable advice for fundraisers written by Joan and other expert development gurus and available for free by clicking here.

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