Working With Board Leadership

Boards are imperfect. Volunteers with big jobs. We can help sort things out with you and for you.

Boards are imperfect. Volunteers with big day jobs. We can help sort things out with you and for you.

Board leadership is a privilege. Great board chairs know this and they’re really good at show and tell. They throw themselves into the gig with both feet and the enthusiasm is contagious; you can hear their commitment to the cause in every conversation, see their devotion in in every agenda. They are exuberant at events. Wow.

Great board chairs also know that it takes more than passion; board leadership is a good deal of work. You understand that managing the board, propelling a sometimes disparate group to be as effective as it can be, to take their responsibilities seriously, to actively seek new resources for the organization — these are your responsibilities. The ED or CEO runs the organization but the chair runs the board.

It’s a big job. At nonprofits, even the most dedicated and resourceful board chairs can find themselves in uncharted, rough waters. Here are some of the courses we’ve helped navigate:

  • “I recognize the need an effective partnership with my CEO, but I don’t have a clear sense of what that would look like.”
  • “I know I am supposed to have committees, but I have no idea how to start or manage that process.”
  • “Many of our board members are totally absent.”
  • “I don’t really understand the details of my role in this organization.”
  • “I need to fire my CEO but we have no annual review process.”
  • “I’ve made a decision the rest of the board disagrees with; how do we move forward?”
  • “I believe that my board needs a retreat to get its act together. How do I make sure this investment of time and resources will yield results?”

You are devoting time, energy, and often significant resources to a cause you care deeply about. We’re betting that your goal is a healthy, functional, and robust nonprofit that is well-poised for growth.

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Maybe You Don’t Need That Much Help?

Alternatively, some issues can be resolved in a very focused hour or so. Sometimes a leader just needs a sounding board. Or a kick in the pants. For these kinds of issues,  Joan offers individual online 50-minute coaching sessions which you can book here:

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