Crisis Management – Case Studies



Equality California is one of the largest statewide political organizations in the country.

Executive Director leadership transitions can wreak havoc on an institution, whether the departing E.D. was a rock star or not.  During a single nine month period, EQCA went through not one but two leadership transitions.   As the Board leadership became involved, it became clear that there were serious financial issues. I was retained to diagnose the depth of the problems and work with the Board to develop a plan to engage the Board more aggressively to raise money,  to work with long standing funders to rebuild confidence and to assess, manage and mentor staff.



Founded in 1863, Union Theological is the oldest independent seminary and graduate schoool in the United States.

Changes in administrative staff  created unrest across a number of key stakeholder groups.  My work with the Union team involved communications and messaging strategy,  working to create a collaboration between the President and the Board chair and preparing contingency plans for possible disruptions of upcoming high profile events.