Ep 110: How to Have Difficult Conversations – Part 2 (with Sheila Heen)

Accepting criticism is an important leadership skill. But how might we exercise that skill when it feels off base, unfair, or poorly delivered?

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Should This Organization Have Applied for PPP Funding?

ppp funding

You may already have decided this org should NOT have applied for PPP funding. But there’s a lot more to this story. What’s your verdict?

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Ep 109: How to Have Difficult Conversations – Part 1 (with Sheila Heen)

difficult conversations

How do you build the muscle to make sure difficult conversations go well? What might you not be aware of that could change everything?

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Ep 108: A New CEO Job Starts in the Heat of a Pandemic (with Ellen LaPointe)

Imagine you start a new CEO job at a wonderful nonprofit. And then a pandemic hits. Changes things just a bit, right? That’s what happened to my guest.

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A Priest and a Therapist Walk Into a Bar

leading from a distance

What does this have to do with leading from a distance? Actually, it’s one of the keys.

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Ep 107: The Top 20 Attributes of an Outstanding Board

When you are looking to build an outstanding board think of it as a strategic casting call! Here are the top characteristics of an outstanding board and the ideal attributes of a board leader.

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The One Thing Every Executive Director Needs Right Now

help executive director

If you have an Executive Director in your life, please read this post closely and take action today. Here’s the action I have in mind….

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