Ep 143: Lollipop Moments and Everyday Leadership Lessons (with Drew Dudley)

leadership lessons

In this episode, everyday leadership expert and inspirational TED speaker, Drew Dudley joins me to share some of the most dangerous leadership lessons you should unlearn and their impact on the nonprofit sector.

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The 6 Attributes of a Highly Effective Board Chair

Highly Effective Board Chair Ted Lasso

Hunting for a great board chair? I nominate Ted Lasso! Keep reading to learn why this character represents the perfect board chair candidate.

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Ep 142: How Kindness and Community Empower Today’s Nonprofit Leaders (with John Hoffman)

nonprofit leaders

Join me and my friend and six-time Emmy winner, John Hoffman, as we discuss his 2020 documentary film, The Antidote, and the role of kindness in the work of today’s nonprofit leader and our society as a whole.

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3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Working For A Nonprofit

working for a nonprofit

There are quite a few things that I wish I knew when I moved from corporate America to the nonprofit world. But there are three things in particular that really stick out. I share them with you in this video.

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Ep 141: An Honest Conversation About Donor Stewardship (with Lisa Greer)

donor stewardship

In this episode, I have an honest conversation about donor stewardship with five-star philanthropist, Lisa Greer. Listen in as we discuss some of the most common mistakes orgs make when it comes to donor relations.

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An Easy Nonprofit Budget Template (+ How to Use It)

nonprofit budget template

Here’s a practical, easy-to-use nonprofit budget template that will make crunching the numbers with your board easier than ever. Keep reading to access your free download and learn how to make the most of it.

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Ep 140: How to Attract, Develop, and Retain Top Nonprofit Talent (with Gali Cooks)

Nonprofit talent Gali Cooks

Filling positions in a nonprofit org can be a challenge. Here’s how to get the right people in the right seats on the bus (not just butts in seats).

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