Ep 102: Is Abuse of Power Epidemic in the Nonprofit Sector? (with Sarah Beaulieu and Kim Jones)

I wrote an article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy on this topic and got a tremendous response. It seems abuse of power may be rampant.

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The One Key to a Great Board Meeting

great board meeting

Far too often, a board meeting is missed opportunity to inform, enrich and engage members in order to ignite them to be the best ambassadors they can be.

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Ep 101: Managing the Tension of Change (with Michael DePass)

managing change

while change can lead to growth, sometimes leaders fail to manage the tensions that growth brings, and this can cripple an organization’s impact.

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Ignite Your Board Members’ Passion

board members

Here’s a simple equation I use to equip board members with the enthusiasm and tools they need to become real ambassadors.

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Ep 100: The Professional Interim Executive Director (with Margo Amgott)

interim executive director

When your Executive Director is actually the “Interim Executive Director,” it means something went wrong… right? Well, maybe not.

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22 Signs Your Board Meetings Suck

board meetings suck

How are your board meetings? Do your members leave feeling energized and ready to be the best ambassadors they can be for your organization?

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How Nonprofits Can Take Advantage of the 2020 Election Cycle

Listen up! The 2020 election presents a HUGE opportunity for your nonprofit. Here’s how to take advantage of it.

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