Ep 113: Taking Nonprofits From Good to Great – Part 1 (with Jim Collins)

My guest today, best selling author Jim Collins, literally wrote the book on how to navigate a path from good to great and I could not be more excited to have him on the podcast!

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Ep 112: What Foundations Are Thinking Right Now (with Caryl M. Stern)

So many nonprofits are struggling. Facing crises that are existential. I wanted to know what funders, especially foundations, are thinking at this time.

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The Key to Making a Big Decision

big decision

Should a big org have accepted PPP funds? Here’s my thinking about the ideal process for making a big decision and the right way to do so at your nonprofit.

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Ep 111: Once Upon a Time There Was a Fundraiser Who… (with Dan Portnoy)


Just for a moment, imagine what it would mean for your organization if you could double your online fundraising next year.

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Ep 110: How to Have Difficult Conversations – Part 2 (with Sheila Heen)

Accepting criticism is an important leadership skill. But how might we exercise that skill when it feels off base, unfair, or poorly delivered?

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Should This Organization Have Applied for PPP Funding?

ppp funding

You may already have decided this org should NOT have applied for PPP funding. But there’s a lot more to this story. What’s your verdict?

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Ep 109: How to Have Difficult Conversations – Part 1 (with Sheila Heen)

difficult conversations

How do you build the muscle to make sure difficult conversations go well? What might you not be aware of that could change everything?

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