Mission Creep Can Turn Your Org Into a Circus

mission creep - lion jumping through hoops

Learn how to spot the signs of mission creep and keep your board and staff focused on what’s actually most important to your nonprofit.

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Ep 154: The Nonprofit Business Model is Broken (with Vu Le)

nonprofit business model with vu le

What does the ideal nonprofit business model look like? Does it bear any resemblance to the model we have today? Listen in as guest Vu Le and I paint the picture of an evolved nonprofit sector.

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Do You Understand Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Is So Important?

diversity and inclusion important

Nonprofit organizations MUST engage in work around diversity, equity and inclusion. In this blog post, I talk about why DEI work matters for nonprofits and the people they serve.

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Ep 153: Supervision vs. Management – What’s the Difference? (with Rita Sever)

Rita Sever: supervision vs. management

Is there really a difference between leadership and management? And what about supervision and management? In this podcast, Rita Sever and I discuss why these skills are actually quite different — and why nonprofit leaders need to be proficient in all of them.

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Nonprofits, Leadership, and the Great Resignation

great resignation

The Great Resignation (also known as the Big Quit) is here and it’s the real deal — and nonprofits are not immune to it. In this video, I share the three key factors that influence overall job satisfaction and give my advice on how to keep your people as this trend continues.

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Ep 152: Secrets of a High-Functioning Board of Directors (with Joan Garry)

board of directors

There is no way your nonprofit organization can thrive without one — but do you know what a high-functioning board of directors actually looks like? Tune in to this episode to crack the code.

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Your Monthly Board Meeting is a Waste of Time. Here’s Why.

monthly board meeting

Let’s talk about monthly board meetings. Do nonprofits really need them? If you ever find yourself feeling like your board is stuck in the weeds, here’s why it’s probably time to update your board meeting schedule.

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