Don’t Start the New Year Without Having 3 Important Conversations First

important conversations

You can agree to begin 2021 with endless to-do’s. Everything is a priority. So much noise. Stress. Anxiety. Or… you can take a different path.

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Ep 124: The 5 Giving Trends That Will Define Online Fundraising (with Scot Chisholm)

Where is online fundraising headed post-pandemic? Scot Chisholm, founder of fundraising software platform Classy, looks into his crystal ball and tells us what he sees.

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Ep 123: The Single Best Sign of a Healthy Nonprofit (with Carlos de la Rosa and Rosanne Siino)

Do you know the single best indicator of the health of a nonprofit? There is one KEY ingredient for a healthy nonprofit. And it’s even more important during a crisis. In this episode I talk with Carlos de la Rosa and Rosanne Siino, Executive Director and Board Chair of the Lindsay Wildlife Preserve. Hint: Notice […]

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The Nonprofit Sector is the Biggest Source of Leadership in the World

nonprofit leadership

It’s the 3rd biggest economic driver in America. It’s time that nonprofits were front and center. That’s where they belong.

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Ep 122: How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve Donor Retention (with Allison Fine and Beth Kanter)

This episode is about the role that AI is starting to play in transforming philanthropy by reducing rote tasks and fueling donor retention.

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Ep 121: Creating a 5-Star Board Retreat (with Dolph Goldenburg)

We discuss why boards matter, when to have a board retreat, how retreats have gone virtual, and what it takes to make a retreat a home run.

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A Small Nonprofit That Thinks Really Big

small nonprofit stories

Nonprofit leaders like you are our most powerful storytellers, reminding all of us of all that is good in the world, lifting us up.

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