Dramatically Improve Your Fundraising

fundraising dogFundraising, or development, is a terribly misunderstood activity. It makes grown men and women, mature and successful board members break out in cold sweats.

Many people think of it like used car sales. Others feel it borders on inappropriate to talk to people about money. The anxiety can cause someone to promise and then not deliver (read: chicken out.)

But development is not “sales.” It’s about relationships. About creating them, building them, and sustaining them. It’s about meeting people and sharing your enthusiasm about your organization’s work and seeing if your enthusiasm ignites them. It either will or it won’t. But you won’t know until you ask.

Development is also necessary. So here are some tips and tricks.

The Perfect Fundraising Plan

Fundraising Recipes

Getting Over Your Development Anxiety

Online Fundraising

Development and Your Board

Your Career In Development