It’s Time to Step Up and Join a Board

Can I ask you to stop for just two minutes and think about something? I want you to consider joining a nonprofit board.

Nonprofits all across this country are desperate for people just like you.

I bet you’re deeply committed to a few key issues. Maybe you’re tired of looking at a playing field that isn’t level for everyone. Or maybe you’re so damn tired of the ugly world we live in you just want to be part of the solution. Maybe you just wanna get out of the stands and onto the field.

So consider joining a board.

My friend Joe will tell you that his board service was transformational. Here’s a guy who cared deeply about immigrant rights, couldn’t sit idly by, so he joined a board. He developed leadership skills, a group of kindred spirits, networking opportunities, and he felt like he was part of something bigger than himself. He felt valued and valuable, and he took some of that with him to his professional life, where he now holds a higher level leadership position.

Do you think you don’t have time to join a board? I didn’t think so either. But I made the time because I cared that much.

And do you think you have to be rich or know someone that’s right? Can I bust that myth right here and right now? No and no.

All you have to do is care enough to talk about the organization to people, to invite them to know more and to do more, and that doesn’t take money to do at all.

So do me a favor. If you know somebody who’d be an awesome board member, can you share this video?

And if you think it’s you, take a few minutes, do a little homework, and please, for yourself and for the organization you will serve, join a board. Please.