The Couch: Frequently Asked Questions

Saving the world is hard work, and since we’re pretty sure you don’t have the time or the budget for a ’round the clock shrink (or bartender), we’ve created this virtual couch.

What can I bring to the couch?

You can share whatever’s on your mind about your work: funny stories, infuriating anecdotes, tales of lessons learned and maybe lessons you wish you’d learned earlier. If things are going well, share that too; you may spark an idea or get those kudos you should have received from your cohorts.

Is this really anonymous?

Yup. Everything and anything you post here is 100% anonymous and although we have no rules, per se, we are all about fair play, so don’t name names or organizations, no one needs those kinds of headaches.

Will my post be visible immediately?

The couch is managed by real people, in real time. If you don’t see your post immediately, don’t despair, we’re not judging you or rejecting your post; we just try not to work 24/7. (When we do, spouses and children tend to get mighty crabby). Besides, didn’t you see Joan’s post about balance?

If you’ve given it some time, and you still don’t see your post, maybe you just couldn’t help yourself and a name slipped in there, or it’s REALLY clear that you are trying to identify someone without overtly doing so. Sorry, but you may thank us later.

You’re not going to limit me to 140 characters (a la Twitter) are you?

Nope. You have 250 characters with which to rant, cheer and vent.

Can I tell people how I feel about the state of the world?

This is a couch, not a soapbox. Your fellow do-gooders don’t want to hear your letter to the editor or your political positions. Run for something if you must, but save this space for the stuff you are still shaking your head about…did she really just say that???

Nonprofits can be quite messy. It’s okay, tell us all about it, chances are you’re not alone.

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