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Q: Why would Rafa Nadal need a coach? A: To be exceptional

Q: Why does Rafa Nadal need a coach?
A: To be exceptional

I am not your typical executive coach.

I have been in your shoes: you have very specialized concerns and unique knots to untangle. Former clients have referred to me as a personal strategic advisor. Probably more accurate, but doesn’t exactly role off the tongue. It is true however, that my advice isn’t generic business or leadership coaching; it is specific strategic advising to help you operate more effectively, and maybe more sanely, in the distinctive world of nonprofits.

  • I work with CEO’s, Senior Managers, Board Chairs and Foundation Trustees
  • I am direct and hands-on. I have been on your side of the desk and I know the nonprofit world.
  • I’m a fan of 6 month engagements. We may agree to renew, but in a nonprofit, the clock seems to tick faster than elsewhere.
  • I think 90 minute sessions are far more valuable than 60’s. A typical schedule would be every 2-3 weeks for 90 minutes, for a minimum of 3 months. Once a month is not often enough for the kind of work we’ll be doing together.
  • We establish and document specific goals at the outset.
  • I do not believe in giving my clients homework. They barely have the time for sessions.
  • After each session I create a “Replay Document.” It arrives to my clients via email within 24 hours of the session. It captures the salient discussion points and then, as your advisor, I add my two cents. I call it “Food for Thought.” It can be challenging and sometimes a bit provocative. Inevitably the “food” leads to great conversation in our next session.

When I say the work is hands on, this is what I mean:

  • I have been known to help edit a board presentation for a client — to strengthen the messaging
  • We might work on a board presentation — what is the most effective way to communicate and ignite board enthusiasm?
  • Some clients ask for help with agendas for weekly meetings with their supervisors. Others ask me to evaluate their calendar for a month to offer thoughts on how they are spending their time.

One more thing, I refuse to be a crutch.

Personal strategic advising isn’t just about getting through, it’s about building competencies and broadening and deepening your understanding of the options available to you. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh and you’ll gain practical, useful knowledge.

How Can We Help You?

Joan’s executive coaching service is a 6-month commitment with bi-weekly coaching sessions. In those sessions Joan will help you with the issues you’re struggling with and will provide summaries and action steps after each session.

If you are interested, please fill out the form on this page and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Maybe You Don’t Need That Much Help?

Alternatively, some issues can be resolved in a very focused hour or so. Sometimes a leader just needs a sounding board. Or a kick in the pants. For these kinds of issues,  Joan offers individual online 50-minute coaching sessions which you can book here:

>> Book a One-Time Session With Joan (NOTE: THESE ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

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