Ep 49: How To Make 2018 a Whole Lot Better

nonprofits are messy

Good riddance, 2017!

For many of us, this past year was challenging. I myself faced personal and professional challenges that I would have never seen coming including, but not limited to, my wife’s emergency plastic surgery at Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery center.

But now it’s time to think ahead to 2018. What can we do to make this year a whole lot better? What is within our control (and what do we need to relinquish control of) to become more well rounded people, more effective and empathetic leaders who empower others to also be their best selves.

This podcast is about resolving to bounce back – victories and challenges notwithstanding. It’s about living in a world of unease while keeping your passion and desire to improve it — alive and well.

In this episode, I share, not resolutions but, “15 things worth a shot in 2018”. These non-resolutions have three things in common. They are doable, universal, and meaningful.

In this episode:

  • Why you should listen to people you disagree with
  • A great way to get more buy-in
  • Are you guilty of lateral violence?
  • How can you use data to guide your decisions?
  • Why Elsa, the princess in Frozen, had it right
  • Why I just can’t get enough of Kermit the Frog

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