Ep 24: Corporate Support the Right Way (with Julie Hirshey)

nonprofits are messy

The National Football League is one wealthy business. All the big sports are.

From football to basketball to baseball, athletes make money and team owners make money. And lots of it. Teams are worth billions, players pull in salaries in the millions…

As someone who thinks a lot about under-resourced nonprofits, there sure are a lot of potential philanthropic dollars here. A lot of potential for corporate support.

But in this episode you will learn about how sports teams — and corporations in general — have so much more to give than just money. Let’s think outside the box today.

Who is Julie Hirshey?

Julie Hirshey is the Director of Community Relations for the Philadelphia Eagles. Julie works to execute the team’s mission to serve as proud partners of the Philadelphia community. In this role, she leads the team’s efforts to support generations of Eagles fans and works to partner with non-profits throughout the region. She knows a LOT about capacity building, partnership, and the value of human resources.

I think you’ll really enjoy what she has to say and I hope it shifts your thinking about corporate support.

In This Episode:

  • How the role of sports in philanthropy has changed in recent years
  • What the Eagles do for philanthropy beyond giving tickets and autographed memorabilia
  • When building a wall is a good thing
  • Why the Eagles actually DO cover overhead expenses… enthusiastically!
  • Why corporations would want to build relationships with local nonprofits
  • How the right conference table can make all the difference

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