Ep 9: Websites, Social Media and Online Movements – With Scott Paley [PODCAST]

nonprofits are messy

Websites, social media, email, mobile, search… online marketing can feel daunting. It’s such an important part of any nonprofit these days, but how do you harness that opportunity? Do you have to spend many tens of thousands on a shiny, fancy website? Not necessarily. Are there inexpensive website tweaks that can benefit even the smallest nonprofit?

Scott Paley is just the guy to help you figure it all out. He and the company he co-founded, Abstract Edge, helped me (I’m Joan) figure it out and he’s worked with many nonprofits, big and small, to get them the maximum engagement from their online presence.

This episode is packed with useful, practical advice on what you need to do (and what you DON’T need to do) to make people sit up and take notice of your organization and mobilize for your cause. And the best part is: much of it you can do yourself and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune!


  • Why is it so important to build an online movement or platform? What does that even mean?
  • Why the ubiquitous nonprofit homepage “slider” is a big mistake.
  • Isn’t online marketing terribly expensive? Does it have to be?
  • Does design matter all that much or can nonprofits just focus on their content?
  • How to overcome “design by committee” and what happens when nonprofits can’t.
  • How to make nonprofit websites more interesting and appealing (and why it matters so much.)
  • Why a big, bold DONATE button should not be front and center on a nonprofit website.
  • The one thing ANY nonprofit can do to increase donations – and it won’t cost you a dime!