Ep 42: What’s With All The Ribbons? (with Dan Osheyack)

nonprofits are messy

Remember those red ribbons people wore at the 1991 Tony Awards? They symbolized a breakthrough in creating awareness of the AIDS crisis.

Since then, we’ve seen all variety of colored ribbons and rubber bracelets. But given how many are out there, does it still benefit your cause to be associated with ribbons or bracelets? Does it help you raise more money? Does the awareness it can bring lead to real action?

In this podcast, my guest Dan Osheyack and I will explore these issues of awareness, action, and cause marketing.

About Dan Osheyack

My guest today is non-profit foundation expert and marketing guru, Dan Osheyack. Dan has spent most of his life as a professional marketer. He was with Time Warner for 30 years, most recently as the company’s head of philanthropy and VP of the Time Warner Foundation. After retiring from Time Warner, Dan went on to become the CMO of the Clinton Global Initiative. I’ve worked with him several times and know very well how much great information he has to offer my listeners.

In this episode:

  • Do ribbons actually help bring in more money?
  • What happens when the color “teal” ends up representing 6 different causes at the same time?
  • How the pink ribbon and the yellow wristband got it right
  • Why creating community is central to your cause
  • Do ribbons encourage “slacktivism”?
  • How to get people involved in your cause, rather than just checking an “awareness box”
  • How to convert cause marketing into action, awareness or fundraising success

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