Ep 18: Mission Control and Strategic Planning (with Liana Downey)

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Ah, strategic planning.

It seems like everyone views strategic planning with a sort of dread. I know I did when I was an Executive Director. Why? When you do it right, it’s game changing.

So how can we do better strategic planning without that sense of trepidation? How can we approach strategic planning in a pragmatic way that gets us back to our mission and helps us make the impact we set out to achieve in the first place?

That’s the subject of today’s podcast and I have an excellent guest to help us sort it out — Liana Downey.

Who Is Liana Downey?

Liana Downey is an internationally recognized strategic advisor, author, and speaker dedicated to social change. She founded the strategy group Downey and Associates to help organizations increase focus and change lives. In Australia, she led the nonprofit and government practices division at McKinsey and Company. Liana is currently teaching leadership and public service as part of the Masters of Public Policy program at NYU.

Liana knows all about strategic planning. She wrote a fantastic book on the topic — Mission Control: How Nonprofits and Governments Can Focus, Achieve More and Change the World. She is an advocate and champion of making sure nonprofits and governments get the issue of focus and strategy right.

Hint: it doesn’t necessarily require a lot of money or a consultant.

In This Episode:

  • Why is strategic planning so daunting?
  • Three reasons your mission gets out of control
  • An equation for measuring impact
  • When creating a strategic plan, how many years out should you look?
  • Why good planning doesn’t necessarily require a lot of money
  • How you can do it yourself
  • Why your plan might actually be better “half-baked”
  • Mistakes people make with strategic planning and how to avoid them
  • How to set “spine-tingling” goals that lead to “a-ha” moments
  • The importance of inviting people into your organization’s story and how that related to strategic planning

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