Ep 157: How Equitable Technology Can Supercharge Your Mission (with Amy Ward and Afua Bruce)

nonprofits are messyTechnology for nonprofits is often thought of as being external to the work that goes on inside the sector. But, technology and equity are inextricably connected — and both have the potential to extend our social missions. In this episode authors, Amy Ward and Afua Bruce join me to talk about why.

So many of us (including me) have this idea that simply increasing access to technology will put the world on a path towards equity. Turns out there’s a lot more to it than that.

My guests today are strategists, organizers, researchers, technologists… and authors of a new book, The Tech That Comes Next: How Changemakers, Philanthropists, and Technologists Can Build an Equitable World.

Amy and Afua are on a mission to answer the question: How do we change our relationship to technology? From who creates it and with whom to who funds it and uses it to what ends we put it to use — answering these questions allows us to develop equitable technology for nonprofits that supports our work to change the world for the better.

Their book rests on some core beliefs: Since humans create technology, it can’t be neutral! If tech is to be a part of the solution of building a more equitable world, we must build technologies with intention and inclusivity, and we must do so collaboratively.

Click play to learn:

  • Why is equitable technology necessary for today’s nonprofit? (6:48)
  • In what ways does technology give us hope? (9:34)
  • What are the implications about using non-organization-made tools? (13:18)
  • How has the nonprofit sector has pushed technology into a box? (24:06)
  • What does  building a tech culture in your organization looks like? (25:03)
  • How can nonprofit leaders center community in their organization’s tech strategy? (28:34)


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About Amy Ward:

Amy is passionate about the ways we can build and use technology to support our efforts to change the world and uses this passion every day as the CEO of NTEN.

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About Afua Bruce

Afua Bruce is a public interest technologist who works at the intersection of technology and policy to empower communities.

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