Ep 125: What Will You Carry Into 2021?

nonprofits are messyAs we close out the most devastating year in my own lifetime, I have been thinking about the battles we fought. How many we lost to the war with COVID, what makes our society a community, and the role of racial and societal inequities even in surviving a pandemic.

I do think it’s fair game to consider 2020 through the lens of war. By April of 2021, the CDC projects that American deaths from COVID will surpass the total American lives lost in World War II. And so what are the things WE will carry into this new year?

It’s really quite a different question from the standard “what are your new year’s resolutions?”

And so today I’d like to offer you my own reflections on the things I am carrying into 2021 and how they might help me navigate this new year. Perhaps my reflections will propel you to consider this question too.

What are the things you will carry into 2021?