Ep 107: The Top 20 Attributes of an Outstanding Board

nonprofits are messyDoes your nonprofit have an outstanding board of directors? Some really do!

But there’s the flip side. I know folks who have run screaming from board service, vowing never to join another nonprofit board. Why is that?

What does an outstanding board actually look like anyway? And whose job is it to find board members?

When you are looking to build an outstanding board think of it as a strategic casting call! Today’s podcast reviews the top characteristics of an outstanding board and lists the ideal attributes of a board leader.

Spoiler alert, many are the same as the top attributes of an executive director.

Inside This Podcast

  • How do you design your board with intentionality?
  • Should we consider paying board members so they’ll be more accountable?
  • Whose job is it to promote engagement?
  • What’s the secret sauce for building a leadership pipeline?
  • What does board success look like?