Crisis Management Work’s what I find: organizations call us when they are in some kind of jam.

For some clients, it’s a financial jam. For others, it’s a bumpy leadership transition or an organizational decision that has upset stakeholders. Sometimes it’s a communications issue that went south.

These kinds of crises take the organization’s eye off the mission. They not only jeopardize the work, they can have a critical impact on fundraising, branding, and sometimes, the very existence of an organization.

Our approach is the same in all these situations: we listen. Hard. We hear what the client wants and then we dig. We ask a ton of questions, and then we ask some more. We interview stakeholders. We diagnose the issue. We address the root cause, not just what was presented. We recommend a plan of action and craft a detailed roadmap.

We are often asked to take part in the implementation of that plan. If it serves the client’s needs, we’ll do so. Sometimes it doesn’t, the organization is now well poised to stand on its own and it should. That’s what we were going for all along.

While we’d like to provide examples of the kind of work we have done, crisis management work doesn’t lend itself to case studies. It can be sensitive and confidential, and we take this very seriously. We have references on both the board and staff side and they’d be happy to tell you about how we worked together and the value we added.

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