Nonprofit COVID-19 Toolkit

Since March, my focus has been on how I can best support nonprofit leaders during this surreal time in our history. From how to engage your board to maintaining your sanity to nurturing your donors to the power of the ‘fireside chat,’ I’m trying to offer advice I hope you will find uniquely helpful at this time.

This page was created to serve as a sort of growing “toolkit” that you can use to help navigate the crisis as a nonprofit leader.

Harvard Business Review: How Nonprofit Leaders Can Keep Their Organizations Afloat (by Joan Garry)

Forbes Magazine: Nonprofits Carrying ‘Powerful Antidote’ To Pandemic Fears, But Need Support (Interview with Joan Garry)

Newsy: Nonprofits Work Continues Amid Panic (Video)

LinkedIn Editors Live: Can Nonprofits Survive COVID-19 (Video)

Nonprofits Are Messy Podcast: Ep 105: Leadership in the Time of COVID-19 (In a world so very hungry for leadership, I have five pieces of advice from me to all of you leaders and helpers out there.)

Chronicle of Philanthropy: 3 Ways We Can (and Must) Help Small Nonprofits Now (From my column in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, here are three ideas for how the public can best support nonprofits during this challenging time.)

Blog Post: Steps the Best Boards are Taking Right Now (Here are five ways your board can be helpful to your organization right now. Because how you navigate this crisis will also define how you recover.)

Blog Post: A Priest and a Therapist Walk Into a Bar (Courtesy of the leaders I admire and mentor, all of whom are doing a great job leading from a distance, I offer you six pieces of advice on how to best stay in touch with those you lead.)

Blog Post: The Letter You Hope You Never Have to Send – Part 1 (You may find this story hard to read. It’s about an action taken by a nonprofit leader in time of crisis. Take a minute to consider three key lessons.)

Blog Post: The Letter You Hope You Never Have to Send – Part 2 (Somebody connected to your org dies. You want to send out a letter. Does this statement say what your organization wants to say and how does that align with what people need to hear?)

Facebook Video: How to Create Valuable Virtual Meetings (Video)

Facebook Live Video: A Pep Talk from 3 Nonprofit Champions (Video)


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