Consulting & Coaching

Executive Coaching

Feel like you could really use a thought partner? A strategic advisor? A coach?

Joan has developed a unique style that combines combines proven coaching methods, hands-on strategic advice, and a helpful dose of management consulting thrown in for good measure. For six months, with 90 minute sessions every two weeks, Joan will be a key member of your team. And you’ll be bringing on a partner who rolls up her sleeves and helps you move your organization from good to great. But a diagnosis is not enough for Joan,  She will challenge you to think bigger and make tough decisions. She will be your single biggest advocate.

Joan’s guidance is practical and actionable. She brings core elements of workshops she offers at conferences and original resources she has developed over the years to make a measurable and meaningful difference in the ability of her clients to lead effectively.

As your Executive Coach, Joan will be a mentor, a professor, a compassionate truth teller, and your own personal management and leadership consultant.

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Board Transformation / Retreats

We see it all the time. Nonprofits craft an agenda and then look for someone to direct traffic.  Far too often, these gatherings are missed opportunities. Joan is not a typical facilitator. She is part coach, part strategist, part trainer and 100% committed to using a valuable gathering of board or staff to its fullest advantage.

Joan works with clients to determine the big knots the organization needs to untangle – culture shift, rapid growth, crisis, transition – and she then becomes a partner in developing goals, designing an offsite that is owned by its participants, that offers all voices to be heard, training when needed – all in  the service of the agreed upon goals.

We believe that offsites are most effective when owned by participants and our work always includes some kind of survey of all attendees.  We then share this feedback with the board and staff leader to craft goals and then get to work on the design of a customized experience to allow for the group to tackle the challenges they face or to create the strategy they need to have a clear shot at their mission.

Team Coaching

Leadership can be defined too narrowly. Far too often we think only of the executive director. But it is not a solo gig. The staff leader must build a senior team that shares  the ownership of the organization and leads with the executive director. The dynamics of this leadership team models how the rest of the organization defines leadership. For better or for worse.

The work we do to strengthen the team  of leaders can shift culture, raise the game of the entire staff and move the organization forward together with clear accountability and shared values.

Are you struggling to inspire a strong leadership team? Trying to shift a change-resistant culture in your organization?  Are you new to your role and have you inherited a team anxious about the change, unclear about their roles or goals? Are you navigating a rocky leadership transition? Do you sometimes feel you could use a mediator to resolve tension at your leadership team meetings? Are fundamental disagreements tearing you apart?

Even the smartest leaders and best teams sometimes need a thought partner, strategic advisor, or coach to help them improve their collaboration and performance.

Whether your organization is in crisis, struggling with scaling up, or navigating a leadership transition, Joan’s Team Coaching services provide wrap-around guidance to all members of your leadership team. She works with leaders to assess your current circumstances and design an intervention, comprised of a series of individual coaching and group facilitations to all team members over the course of six months. Regardless of the scenario you first describe, the outcome will be stronger communications, improved organizational culture, healthier power dynamics, and a stronger institution.