Solve Your HR Problems

I’ve been in your shoes.  You are in very high gear on year end fundraising AND working to pass your 2014 budget.  Your program staff needs more; your development director says she will happy if revenue is flat. You push for more.

You are starting to look ahead at one or two key hires for 2014.  You have an open position or two.  And then there is the staff member who really has to go (but won’t go easy). You want to start the new year off with a solid team.

Only one big fat hitch.

You have no human resources staff. If you are lucky, maybe you have an administrator who can post jobs on craigslist.  If not, you it’s on your list.

You know, that list that already feels like a joke.

How can you possibly be expected to build a strong team? You need help.

Here’s a very practical idea that worked well for me. I’ve passed it along to others who were grateful.  Here’s hoping it will be of benefit to you.Continue Reading