Dear Joan: Our Founder Just Can’t Let Go

over-involved founder

“You actually made a piñata of your board chair as a team building exercise at your retreat? 1) That is hilarious. 2) You’re going to need extra sessions.”

Each month, Joan responds to readers who send emails asking for nonprofit advice, practical solutions, or just general therapy (Joan tries not to make direct comments on a reader’s psychological state — that’s called practicing without a license.) You can send your questions to Joan by clicking here

Dear Joan: What do you do with an overly involved founder and an under-involved board?

– Development Director who knocks and no one answers

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Dear Joan…

better fundraising

I’m way less bossy than Lucy
(maybe my kids would not think so)

I recently asked the members of my mailing list to send me their struggles and told them I’d answer some in my next post.

( Note: You are on my mailing list, yes? You’re not? Then go sign up here and come back when you’re done. You won’t regret it.)

Thanks to the MANY folks who wrote to me. What I heard in every one was a passion to get it right.

As a quick aside, two days of Passover reminded me how important your work is — each of you devoted to righting wrongs, increasing tolerance, serving the needy, working with the marginalized communities around the world. I thought a lot about all of you throughout each of my evenings.

And so, in that context, it continues to be a privilege to help you with your struggles. And so here goes. A sample of questions I received representing what I felt were issues with universal application.Continue Reading

Questions From My Readers

You hate your new ED? Oy.  Let's tease that out.

Slow down. Trying to capture all the things you are struggling with.  May need a bigger piece of  paper.

I really do love writing my blog. Of course, I never feel like I have enough time but that’s a tune we all know well.

What I like the most is that I can reach so many people and that readers let me know that I’ve helped them.

Also, my readers are often the best sources of content! They pose great questions.

So welcome to my new feature:

What Are YOU Struggling With?”

Each month, I will dedicate a post to offering some brief advice to readers who have sent questions my way. I generally find that if one person has a question, it’s shared by many. I hope that it will prompt other readers to submit questions of their own.

Today’s questions come from Executive Directors. Next month I’ll tackle questions from board members.

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