Bonus Episode: Turn Your Impatience to Your Heroic Pursuits

nonprofits are messyI don’t like it at all when things are not OK. Not in my family. Not in my country.

Oh, sure we all knew it would be messy. It’s 2020 after all. But some of us might have been hoping that after such a long year of uncertainty, at least knowing who the next president was on the morning after the election would provide some comfort.

As Mr. Rogers would say…

I like to be told
If it’s going to hurt,
If it’s going to be hard,
If it’s not going to hurt.
I like to be told.
I like to be told.

Well, I realize the 8-year-old trapped inside me is very impatient and wants to know but the 63-year-old is reminding me that I have a role in how it all turns out and that there is only so much I can do right now.

And so, as we await the outcome, I would like to encourage you to turn your impatience toward your heroic pursuits. After all, there’s a reason you become a nonprofit superhero….