A First Rate Board of Directors

board of directors

You know how you can tell if you have a great board of directors?

  • Board members ask great questions at board meetings. And they’re not texting.
  • They really work the room at special events
  • As a whole, they exceed the group give / get
  • The leadership pipeline is crystal clear
  • The board chair asks the tough questions

A great board knows its role. It’s fully engaged in the right ways. It evangelizes and fundraises. It brings contacts and connections that grow the organization’s resources. It feels a sense of common purpose.

At its best, a great board serves as the strategic partner of the CEO on long term planning and short term crisis management.

Here’s some advice on building, managing, and maintaining an outstandingly effective board of directors.

Rating Your Board of Directors

Recruiting and Onboarding For Your Board of Directors

Effective Committees

Running a First Rate Board Meeting

Board Relationships

Great Board Chairs

Fundraising and the Board