Ep 129: Finding the Right Leader For Your Org (with Melissa Madzel)

nonprofits are messyYour long tenured E.D. decides to retire. Your CEO is running out the clock. Or worst case scenario – you made the wrong hire and it took you two or three years to make a move. Now you want to get it right. You want to know how to prepare for a successful search and you are wondering if a search firm is key.

There is no point in an organization’s life in which it is more vulnerable than the moment a decision is made that the CEO will move on. Today I want to talk about how a board of directors prepares an organization for a terrific search, thus exponentially increasing the potential for success.

What do you need to do for a search firm to have an understanding of the mission, culture and values of the institution? Does the search firm need to meet with the board before a search?

My guest, Melissa Madzel, is the Managing Director of Equity Initiatives and Koya Partners who claims her superpower is to figure out who the smartest and most interesting people are in the room and introducing them to each other.

What are the elements that go into making great and diverse hires? Who should be on the search committee? How long in advance do you plan for a hire? What are some of the key elements in a candidate? When do you engage staff? And what are some of the DEI factors to consider, especially when hiring in a leadership position?

Today she answers these and more questions about the planning and scaffolding that needs to be in place in order to set up a leader for success.

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Do You Have an “Oil Can” Problem?

oil can problem

Here are my thoughts about how to lead when the adrenaline of 2020 wears off and how to fix what I like to call your “oil can” problem.

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Ep 128: Making Beautiful Music With Community-Driven Partnerships (with Henry Donahue)

Learn how Save the Music Foundation creates long-term renewable relationships that lead to multi-year investments from philanthropic funders.

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Ep 127: Building a Grassroots Movement From Scratch (with Donna Dees and Shikha Hamilton)

In the year 2000, Donna Dees rallied hundreds of thousands of people to march on Washington. How did she build such a large grassroots movement from scratch in only 9 months?

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Why You’re Not Raising More Money

If I had to point to the two most common questions I randomly get (about nonprofits anyway), it would be these: Can you help me find board members? Can you help me figure out how I we could be raising more money? When I am asked the board member question, the smartass in me wants […]

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Ep 126: Creating 5-Star Special Events in the Virtual Age (with Liz Page and Amanda Harless)

How do you create a truly successful virtual event? My guests share with us how intimate a virtual event can actually be!

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Ep 125: What Will You Carry Into 2021?

As we close out a most devastating year, I’d like to offer you my own reflections on the things I am carrying into 2021.

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