Ep 93: Why Even a Good Executive Director Needs a Coach

nonprofits are messy

Professional development for nonprofit leaders – luxury or necessity? In this podcast I talk about how maximizing impact requires an investment in support.

What are the myths about the role of a coach? Some of those myths may stop a high performer from asking for help and hence stand in the way of an Executive Director being the best they can be.

Funny how it’s a given that sports players need coaches, but what about the CEO of a teen suicide hotline who may have every instinct and attribute, who may oversee dozens of volunteers, respond to texts, answer phones and literally saves lives… How important is it for them to be supported, sharpen their skills, and maintain their A game?

In this podcast I bust some of the coaching myths out there and learn the various ways to explore opportunities to grow and develop leaders; recognizing it’s not only about how good you are but how good you can be.

In this podcast

  • How critical is professional development for those folks trying to repair our broken world?
  • Attributes of a good coach
  • Attributes of a good leader
  • Do rockstar leaders need coaches too?
  • How does a long tenure affect your need for professional development?
  • Is planning a transition a solo sport?
  • What if you can’t afford a coach?Continue Reading

The Dirtiest Word in Nonprofits


It was somewhere around day 60 of my tenure as the Executive Director of GLAAD when I figured out the dirtiest word in nonprofits. Want a hint?

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Bonus Episode: Small But Mighty Nonprofits (with Laura Zielke)

small nonprofits

Most folks are utterly clueless about the size and scope of the nonprofit sector. In fact it’s not really thought of as a sector.

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What’s The Single Best Sign of a Healthy Nonprofit?

OK, you can only pick one. I’ll give you two hints. (1) It’s not the financial statement. (2) It’s not a rock star executive director. Thinking caps on?

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Ep 92: The Lonely Nonprofit Leader (with Glennda Testone)

You’ve probably heard of “Imposter Syndrome”. But have you heard of “Loneliness Syndrome”?

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The 3 Deep Desires of Nonprofit Leaders

nonprofit leader

There are 3 things I believe make the top of the list for most of us. And it’s not finding a billionaire to fund your organization in perpetuity.

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Ep 91: The Diversity Problem in Our Sector (with Diahann Billings-Burford)

Nonprofits have a diversity problem. Big time. And I believe this is one of the most important issues facing the sector today.

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