Ep 121: Creating a 5-Star Board Retreat (with Dolph Goldenburg)

nonprofits are messyWhile I believe deeply in board retreats, I also believe they are often a big fat missed opportunity. How come? For starters, lack of clarity about the why. Lack of understanding about how outside support can help bring out the best in the group. No clear action items. And when there are action items, often the retreat ends with a list of things that should happen but no accountability mechanism for how to make them happen. Leaving you with the same retreat agenda next time around.

Struggling nonprofits rely on boards more than ever for expertise, growing reach, and influence so it’s really important to build strong boards.

Today’s guest, Dolph Goldenburg, helps do just that. He and I discuss our views on why boards matter, when to have a retreat, how retreats have gone virtual, and what it takes to make a retreat a home run.

Dolph Goldenburg has experience as a nonprofit CEO, interim CEO, he has years of fundraising experience and he has written a bunch of grants resulting in millions of dollars. His consulting practice focuses on board development, strategic planning and executive transitions.

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A Small Nonprofit That Thinks Really Big

small nonprofit stories

Nonprofit leaders like you are our most powerful storytellers, reminding all of us of all that is good in the world, lifting us up.

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Bonus Episode: Turn Your Impatience to Your Heroic Pursuits

I would like to encourage you to turn your impatience toward your heroic pursuits. After all, there’s a reason you become a nonprofit superhero.

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The Day After

Today, after a Presidential election that is too close to call, you need patience. But nonprofit leaders aren’t the most patient of folks.

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Ep 120: Raising the Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders (with Charlotte Alter)

Boomers are aging out of nonprofit leadership in droves. Many started organizations post Vietnam and there is a huge impending leadership void in the sector that needs to be filled. Nonprofit boards tend to skew old and are distrusting of youth and “inexperience”. And so the cycle continues. So who will fill this void? How […]

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No Virginia, Development Directors Don’t Do ALL the Work

development directors

Myth: A development director reduces the amount of fundraising work everyone else needs to do. In fact, it’s just the opposite…

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Ep 119: Your First 90 Days as an Executive Director (with Michael Watkins)

There are steps can be taken to ensure success and begin the process of crafting your legacy as a leader, even BEFORE you take on a new role.

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