Ep 131: Becoming a Social Prophet (with Lynne Twist)

nonprofits are messyRemember homonyms from junior high English class – to listen (HEAR) / a place (HERE)?

Today, my guest, Lynne Twist, will introduce us to another one – to make money (PROFIT) and, then its homonym – PROPHET (spell). Don’t overthink this word – it’s not really about predicting the future – maybe it’s more about imagining one.

She calls the people who work for, or donate to, a dot org “Social Prophets”, describing them as people who take responsibility for what they worry about and whose behavior is consistent with the future they stand for.

Lynne has been a recognized global visionary committed to alleviating poverty, ending world hunger and supporting social justice and environmental sustainability. She has developed a deep understanding of our relationship with money and describes fundraising as an act of love.

In fact, Lynne calls fundraising sacred holy work! She sees it as the reallocation of financial resources away from overconsumption, destruction of the environment, and other nefarious endeavors, toward the health and well being of our families, environment, and communities.

If you are an ED struggling with fundraising or a board member having trouble getting people you know to open their hearts and pockets you might want to have a listen for tips on how you can inspire others to become social prophets.

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An Old Family Recipe to Show Your Donors Love

show donors love

Here’s an old family “recipe” that you can easily follow to show your donors some love. And it’s a lot more fun than a thank you note!

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Ep 130: A Powerful Approach to Keeping Remote Staff Motivated (with Dr. Paul White)

Ep 130: A Powerful Approach to Keeping Remote Staff Motivated

How do we continue to motivate and appreciate our staff in times of prolonged crisis? It has been over a year since the world shut down due to the pandemic and it has been challenging to stay motivated and connected in a virtual work environment. Dr. Paul White makes work relationships work. He is a […]

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Ep 129: Finding the Right Leader For Your Org (with Melissa Madzel)

An org is most vulnerable when the CEO decides to move on. In this episode, we discuss the right way to conduct a search for a new leader.

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Do You Have an “Oil Can” Problem?

oil can problem

Here are my thoughts about how to lead when the adrenaline of 2020 wears off and how to fix what I like to call your “oil can” problem.

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Ep 128: Making Beautiful Music With Community-Driven Partnerships (with Henry Donahue)

Learn how Save the Music Foundation creates long-term renewable relationships that lead to multi-year investments from philanthropic funders.

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Ep 127: Building a Grassroots Movement From Scratch (with Donna Dees and Shikha Hamilton)

In the year 2000, Donna Dees rallied hundreds of thousands of people to march on Washington. How did she build such a large grassroots movement from scratch in only 9 months?

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