True Leadership in the Time of Corona

You may find this story hard to read. I did.

It was told to me by a member of the Nonprofit Leadership Lab, my online training and support platform for leaders of small nonprofits.

Cathy runs a residence for people with dementia. The vast majority of her patients are elderly, many with all sorts of underlying conditions. Cathy and her team are being vigilant and as of the time she told me this story, no one in her organization had been touched by COVID-19.

But Cathy is not living under a rock. She reached out to me with a draft letter and I offered to help to edit it. It’s the letter she needs to have at the ready. That tells her community that one of the residents has succumbed to the virus.

In a future blog post, I may offer the before and after version as a different kind of lesson, but that’s not my point for today.

Today it is about the action her organization took. Take a minute to consider all the components of that story. There are three key lessons.
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When You Can’t Meet In Person

virtual gathering

I believe that meetings, designed as virtual gatherings, can be very valuable. As valuable as in person? An unfair comparison if you ask me.

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Ep 104: Creating a Nonprofit Communications Engine (with Sarah Durham)

Your nonprofit can probably do a better job of communicating to build engagement and inspire action. Sarah Durham is THE expert on this.

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Why Board Term Limits Matter

A board without a leadership pipeline; that doesn’t recruit for leadership potential? That doesn’t have term limits? That board is a weak board.

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Ep 103: Stronger Together: The Power of Cohort Learning (with Darlene Nipper)

The most valuable kind of leadership development happens in a cohort. And that’s what this episode is all about.

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Who Should Serve on Your Advisory Board?

advisory board

A poorly constructed advisory board can cause more problems than it may have been created to solve. So how can you make an advisory board really count?

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Ep 102: Is Abuse of Power Epidemic in the Nonprofit Sector? (with Sarah Beaulieu and Kim Jones)

I wrote an article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy on this topic and got a tremendous response. It seems abuse of power may be rampant.

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