Ep 133: Choosing the Right Nonprofit Business Model (with Rinku Sen)

nonprofits are messyThe nonprofit sector grows by leaps and bounds every year. In 2019, there were over 100,000 501c3 applications and the overwhelming majority of them sailed through. The paperwork may be a pain, but let’s just say that the U.S. government is not terribly selective on which they approve.

But does it always make sense to organize as a 501c3? What is the difference between movements like Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, or Women’s March – and a formal organization? What are the limitations and benefits of forming an organization? What questions should you ask yourself when deciding whether you need a c3, c4 or even a for-profit LLC?

My guest today is Rinku Sen, a writer and social justice strategist. Her books Stir it Up and The Accidental American theorize a model of community organizing that integrates a political analysis of race, gender, class, poverty, sexuality, and other systems.

Rinku joins us today to talk through these questions. We explore how to determine whether your current organizational model is working or constraining you, what other models exist, how they work, and dissect the pros and cons of building institutions. Our discussion was fascinating. Hope you enjoy it.

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Is Your To-Do List Mocking You?

to-do list

Every time you look at the to-do list they are there. Right where you want them. At the bottom of the list. How can you ever get them done?

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Ep 132: Let’s Make Program Evaluation Simpler (with Chari Smith)

One of the biggest achilles heels in the nonprofit sector is program evaluation. But it’s critical to funders. Let’s make it simpler.

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It’s Time We Stop Treating Tech As Overhead

tech as overhead

We have pigeonholed tech as an operations function for way way too long. And because of how we have seen it, funders have seen it that way. Let’s fix this.

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Ep 131: Becoming a Social Prophet (with Lynne Twist)

If you’re struggling with fundraising or having trouble getting people you know to open their hearts and pockets, listen for tips on how you can inspire others to become social prophets.

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An Old Family Recipe to Show Your Donors Love

show donors love

Here’s an old family “recipe” that you can easily follow to show your donors some love. And it’s a lot more fun than a thank you note!

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Ep 130: A Powerful Approach to Keeping Remote Staff Motivated (with Dr. Paul White)

Ep 130: A Powerful Approach to Keeping Remote Staff Motivated

How do we continue to motivate and appreciate our staff in times of prolonged crisis? It has been over a year since the world shut down due to the pandemic and it has been challenging to stay motivated and connected in a virtual work environment. Dr. Paul White makes work relationships work. He is a […]

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