The Key to Making a Big Decision

big decision

In my last blog post, I told you the story of an organization that decided to apply for PPP funding, secured the approval of the executive committee, and then the full board balked and insisted that the monies be returned.

Today’s blog post is an update and a diagnosis – or Joan’s game of “Coulda Woulda Shoulda”. In order to fully appreciate this diagnosis, it might be a good idea for you to have a quick read and then come back.

I’ll wait for you.

OK, glad you’re back.

I asked readers to review the situation – perhaps as a case study with your board – and to look at two pieces of the puzzle.

For sure, I was interested in folks’ observations about the decision itself – should they have applied for the funding, should they have accepted it, and now, based on board sentiment, should they have returned it?

But even more than that, I was interested in the decision making process itself. Was it spot on or should they have done something differently?

Comments on the post and emails I received were overwhelmingly in favor of accepting the money. One writer wondered why there was any fuss at all.

I actually get the fuss and believe it was a function of the decision making process.

Time for me to offer you my two cents. I’ll also tell you what this organization ultimately decided.

You may not agree. That’s why blogs invented comments. So you can tell me why I’m wrong. I hope you will.

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